The pursuit of a dream, a madness on two wheels that fills the eye and warms the heart, a journey of the soul in the dust and wind of Patagonia.

A journey to reach the extreme tip of Tierra del Fuego. A journey that connects strangers with the only purpose of crossing Argentina and its magnificent landscapes. A meeting, photographs images, moods told by the expert hand of the author who was enjoyed success among the italian public output of the volume.
A lot of presentations in few months, the book is a mix of adventure and passion through the fantastic nature in step aboard the Vespa of those who today can not forget what they saw.
A trip on "Ruta 40", travelling between nature, with mishaps and the desire to tell something unique; the journey to the "fin del Mundo", the End of the World.

Hasta la Fin del Mundo... in Vespa! è la rincorsa di un sogno, una pazzia su due ruote che riempie gli occhi e scalda il cuore. Un viaggio dell’anima nella polvere e nel vento della Patagonia.
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